Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase Eagle Rock Gear™ products?
All of our products are available for purchase on this website as well as Amazon (via B A Supply) and eBay (via Eastlake Supply)
Where do you ship?
Our products are shipped to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. We currently do not ship internationally, but will hopefully offer this option in the near future.
I'm having problems with tracking my order.
Please message us with your order # and we'd be glad to help.
What is your return policy?
Our return policy is the same standard 30-day return policy offered by Amazon and eBay. Please contact us directly at contact@eaglerockgear.com, or our selling partners on Amazon and eBay if you have any issues with your order or would like to make a return.
When will you have new colors for the paracord sling?
We are working on this! Please feel free to drop us a line with new colors you'd like to see from us.
Can I find Eagle Rock Gear™ in any local stores?
At the moment, all Eagle Rock Gear™ products are available exclusively on our EagleRockGear.com, Amazon (via B A Supply). and eBay (via Eastlake Supply). If you'd like to see our products in your local sporting goods store please feel free to let us know.
Are Eagle Rock Gear™ products available for wholesale purchase?
Yes. Please email us for all wholesale inquiries. 
How do I reassemble the quick adjust strap on the paracord sling?
It's easier than it looks! Here's a link to the downloadable instructions:
Do you have any tips or instructions on working with paracord?
Yes! Here's a link to a great resource for working with paracord that was put together by Instructables: Paracord Projects Guide